Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

Captain America: The Great Gold Steal, by Ted White (Bantam, 1968). Illustration by …? That’s a very good question. The art lacks an obvious signature, and there’s no credit inside the book, either. Peter Caras, Mitchell Hooks, Lou Feck, and Gray Morrow have all been suggested as having been responsible for this cover. (As has Robert McGinnis, though that seems unlikely.)


John Hultgren said...

I don't think that captain America is a Hooks painting, I have seen it credited to the great Lou Feck as well, but don't believe that it is, My opinion is that Peter Caras is the artist and have seen him credited for this piece as well, also Grey Morrow has been credited in certain circles too.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Thank you, John, for raising doubts about who painted this paperback cover. You’re right, there are various opinions available online and no authoritative conclusion. I have changed the post to reflect this work’s uncertain provenance.